So how did this all begin?

So, you’re probably reading this post and, if you’re anything like me, scoffing at the very idea of essential oils.  3 years ago, I didn’t even know what essential oils were, let alone if they worked or how to use them. So let me take you back 3 years ago to the very beginning.

I had finished my Bachelor’s the year before and was in my first year as a full time librarian. Having been a recent college student, let’s just say that some of my lifestyle choices weren’t the healthiest. Now, I wasn’t a big party girl or anything, but my eating habits were deplorable (the less effort the better) as were my fitness habits (there was no way I was sacrificing any of my precious little sleep to go torture myself at the gym). Add in the stress of having to be responsible for all of the myriad amount of details that adults are and my health and fitness suffered from neglect.

Now, my mom loves all of her children very much and only wants the best for us. That means healthy eating habits, getting plenty of rest and exercise, and thriving as we make our way through the world. We may have had a few disagreements, she thinks junk food is bad for you (she’s right, just don’t tell her that I said that) and I violently disagree that anything vegetable should even be considered for pizza topping. Add other small skirmishes in, too much caffeine, not enough rest (hey, I can sleep when I’m dead, I have student loans to repay). But every time she brought it up, I knew that it was her love and concern speaking .

So that summer, she was doing some research and happened to stumble across a homesteading blog that promoted essential oils. Intrigued, she went ahead and signed up and ordered essential oils, ignoring the loud, skeptical scoffing of her children. We teased her mercilessly about them, calling her Mama Odie, but sadly refused to even contemplate the possibilities that they offered.

This may come as a shock to some people, but I am an extremely stubborn person. Once I’ve made up my mind, it can take an apocalypse scale event to move me from my position. In this case, it merely took some physical trauma. I am not the world’s most graceful person, in fact, I am often downright clumsy. On this day, I managed to overturn a pot of boiling water on my hand. Other than running my hand under cold water, there wasn’t much that I could do for the irritated skin. My mom remembered her new oils and consulting the book, we discovered that one of her oils, lavender, was purportedly good for soothing occasional skin irritations. Deciding that this definitely counted and, quite frankly, just humoring her, I allowed her to apply the oil topically.

Imagine my surprise when the lavender soothed my skin mere moments later. I was shocked and, I admit it, intrigued. I have a cat’s curiosity and this had managed to capture my attention. Was this just a fluke or were there more to these oils than I’d originally surmised. And so, my essential oil journey started with a single drop of lavender oil and a burning curiosity. I can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered.

Happy Monday Everyone!


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